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Training Resources

How to Observe -- Plant and Animal Phenology Handbook

How to Observe, Nature's Notebook Plant and Animal Phenology Handbook, provides a wealth of useful information to guide trainers and inform volunteers and staff.

Volunteer Information and guidelines: Examples

The protocol used by new volunteers at the Refuge as a guide for making a phenology monitoring visit. This example of guidelines for phenology monitoring may provide a useful model for other sites.

Botany Primer

The Botany Primer -- Another invaluable resource from the folks at National Phenology Project.


The phenology orientation presentations below are models of training materials that can be used for group presentations, individualized learning, or review of step-by-step procedures by volunteers or staff. For open source presentations in PowerPoint format with all photos and graphics included visit the National Phenology Network's Workshop Archive.

Webinars from National Phenology Network

How do you set up a Nature's Notebook account? What do scientists do with the data we collect? What are we learning from the data? Find out by watching a webinar! Check out NPN's Webinar Archive

Tricky Phenophases Webinar: National Phenology Network

Due to audio issues, the sound starts at 1:28.
How do I know when a leaf bud has broken? Do I count the number of seeds or seed heads? When is a fruit ripe? In this video we provide answers to these common questions and more.

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