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Pollinator Resources


Pollinator species of special interest to NYPP members 

We encourage others to monitor pollinators, in particular the four listed here, which are the most commonly observed by New York Phenology Project (NYPP) monitoring sites: 

  • Apis mellifera – honey bee

  • Bombus spp. – bumble bee

  • Danaus plexippus – monarch butterfly

  • Speyeria cybele – great spangeled fritillary


Data on the same species in a variety of habitats and environmental conditions provides valuable information to scientists and other researchers.

Additional species monitored by NYPP sites:

  • Anax junius – common green darner

  • Celastrina ladon complex – spring azure

  • Malacosoma americanum – eastern tent caterpillar

  • Nymphalis antiopa – mourning cloak

  • Papilio canadensis – Canadian tiger swallowtail

  • Pieris rapae – cabbage white

  • Pyrrharctia isabella – woolly bear

  • Vanessa atalanta – red admiral

  • Xylocopa virginica – eastern carpenter bee

View the complete list of pollinators and other insects monitored by National Phenology Project sites across the U.S. 

Species Profiles for Pollinators


Pollinator Information

Online Resources:

  • Xerces Society (most amazing organization for pollinators out there!)






Pollinator-Related Educational Materials

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