This past spring, New York Phenology Project and the affiliated monitoring sites, Community Greenways Collaborative and Gateway National Parkwere featured in Episode 4: Citizens4Earth by The Crowd & The Cloud, a four-part public television series exploring citizen science efforts across the globe. The episode features the citizen science data collection platform Nature's Notebook, and its use in plant-pollinator monitoring for New York Phenology Project. The episode also focuses on habitat restoration in Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge post-Hurricane Sandy, and the efforts made to foster pollinator connectivity in an urban setting.



The Crowd & The Cloud

The Crowd & The Cloud also features an interview with Kerissa Battle, Founding Director of Community Greenways Collaborative, on the value of citizen scientists and the importance of accessibility. 


Long Island Nature Organization

Selected Press

Why Does Fall Foliage Turn So Red and Fiery? It Depends. - Joanna Klein, New York Times (2016) 

Bringing Cycles to Light - Megan Frank, Upstate Gardener's Journal (2016)

Earth Initiative: Regional Action, Pollinator Habitats - Kerissa Battle, Zen Mountain Record (2016)

Too Much Light at Night Causes Spring to Come Early - Elaina Zachos, National Geographic (2016)

Bringing Cycles to Light - Michelle Sutton, Chronogram (2016)

Study to look at climate change's effects on plant life cycles - Jennifer Barrios, Newsday (2015)

Chart changes in seasons with phenology - Kerissa Battle, Poughkeepsie Journal, (2015)

phenology: telling time by nature’s clock, with cary institute - Margaret Roach, A Way to Garden (2015)

Fuccillo K., Crimmins T, deRivera, C, Elder T. (2014) Assessing accuracy in citizen science-based phenology monitoring, International Journal of Biometeorology. 

In a talk for the Long Island Natural History Conference, Kerissa Battle, Founding Director of Community Greenways Collaborative, covers implementation of citizen science ecological initiatives such as phenology trails, pollinator gardens, and native bee hotels, as well as the effectiveness and necessity of community science. 

Oregon Public Broadcast

In 2012, Oregon Public Broadcasting interviewed Portland scientists involved in citizen science efforts. Their video emphasizes the ability of citizen science to enhance scientific literacy in the public, and the benefits to science in the form of data collection and project development. 

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Community Greenways Collaborative manages the New York Phenology Project, utilizing the USA-National Phenology Network database and Nature's Notebook observation platform.