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South Fork Natural History Museum

Bridgehampton, New York


Organization Description:

The South Fork Natural History Museum (SoFo) and Nature Center, the only state-of-the-art natural history museum on the South Fork of Long Island, is a place for children and adults of all ages to discover, explore, learn, and engage. Visitors can enjoy the museum’s scientifically accurate galleries, featuring live and recreated natural habitat exhibits, a Marine Touch Tank, terrariums and aquariums featuring local wildlife, a Nature Library, outstanding educational programs on and off-site, and a variety of outdoor nature walks and programs, all of which offer direct observation and hands-on experiences with expert nature educators about the rich natural heritage of the area. The museum is dedicated to teaching and inspiring families to become engaged and responsible caretakers of our planet now and for generations to come. 


Organization Goals: 

  • Engender in children and adults a sensitivity to the natural world through direct observation and joyous hands-on nature experiences in the museum and in the out-of-doors, and give them the tools they need to become engaged and responsible caretakers of our planet now and in the future.

  • Procure, preserve, document, study, and display material relevant to the natural history of the South Fork of Long Island.

  • Serve as a central source of local natural history information with facilities and programming designed for all segments of the public – from the interests of children to those of the scientific community.

  • Work in partnership with other educational and environmental organizations on the local, state, and federal level.


Phenology Project Description:

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