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Rye Nature Center

Rye, New York


Organization Description:

The Rye Nature Center is a Rye City-owned facility offering environmental programs through the cooperative efforts of the Friends of Rye Nature Center and the City of Rye. The Center is located on 47 acres of wildlife preserve, with over two miles of hiking trails, ponds, streams and granite outcroppings. The Nature Center has comfortable classroom and museum spaces for visiting classes and special events. 


The Friends of Rye Nature Center is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the Rye Nature Center and to provide a full range of environmental education programs and activities at the Center. Our programs encourage the protection of our natural resources and promote environmental awareness in Rye and surrounding communities. The Friends have been supporters of the Rye Nature Center for over forty years, and are committed to the ongoing improvement of the facility, and to creating quality programs and experiences for all visitors.

Organization Goals: 

To protect our natural resources and promote environmental stewardship and education through support of the Rye Nature Center and conservation projects within its Urban Forest & Wildlife Sanctuary and the community.


Phenology Project Description:

Coming soon! 


To learn more or get involved:

What species are being studied?



Trees and Shrubs






  • Hyla versicolor – gray treefrog

  • Lithobates sylvaticus – wood frog

  • Pseudacris crucifer – spring peeper



  • Chrysemys picta – painted turtle

  • Terrapene carolina – Eastern box turtle

  • Thamnophis sirtalis – common gartersnake



  • Anguilla rostrata – American eel



  • Sayornis phoebe – Eastern phoebe



  • Tamias striatus – Eastern chipmunk


Resources for this site:

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For the latest updates, please visit Rye Nature Center

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