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Photo by: Ezra Schwartzberg

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Trees and Shrubs


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Parkside Drive Park (Peacock Park)

Lake Placid, New York


Organization Description:

The Peacock Park Phenology Trail in Parkside Drive Park was established through a grant by the Northern New York Audubon. Adirondack Research administers the trail and partners with area high school students to collect and review data as part of their class curricula.


Organization Goals

  • Long-term monitoring

  • Climate adaptation

  • Regional research

  • Public engagement

  • Place-based education 


Phenology Project

Peacock Park Phenology Trail is located near the beach at the southern end of Mirror Lake. Signs explain how to observe the phenology of specific trees. Students from the National Sports Academy, Northwood School and Lake Placid High School are involved. Some classes walk the trail every week to collect data on 23 individual trees. Members of the general public can walk the phenology trail and log their observations on the Nature's Notebook app. Those interested in participating can learn how to collect data on tree phenology and log their observations by visiting the new Peacock Park Phenology Trail in Lake Placid, NY.


To learn more or get involved

Websites: Adirondack Research and Lake Placid News story

Coordinator: Ezra Schwartzberg, local entomologist and owner of Adirondack Research LLC,

Photo by: Bill Cook, Michigan State University,

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