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Which species are being studied?



Trees and Shrubs








  • Notophthalmus viridescens – eastern newt



  • Chrysemys picta – painted turtle



  • Archilochus colubris – ruby-throated hummingbird


Resources for this site

(for registered observers):

  • Map of the Fern Glen

  • Datasheets

  • Protocols (specific to Fern Glen)

Cary institute of Ecosystem Studies

Millbrook, New York


Organization description: 

Founded in 1983, the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies is one of the world’s leading independent environmental research organizations. Areas of expertise include freshwater, the ecology of infectious diseases, environmental chemistry, invasive species, and climate change.


Organization Goals:

  • Advance understanding about the structure and function of ecological systems.

  • Provide the scientific knowledge needed to solve environmental problems.

  • Enhance the ecological literacy of students, decision makers, and the public.

  • Train the next generation of ecologists and resource managers.


Phenology Project Description:

The Cary Institute Fern Glen Phenology Trail launched in Spring of 2014. The program is led by Vicky Kelly, Environmental Monitoring Program Manager at the Cary Institute. The trail is currently monitored by staff, scientists, and educators at Cary. This project is now actively recruiting community scientists, volunteer photographers, teachers and schoolgroups. Look on their events calendar for future trainings.  


To learn more about the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies or to get involved: 

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