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The New York Phenology Project is a networked community science initiative focused on climate and urbanization impacts on plants and pollinators.


The data is connected to both a national and regional database through the USA-National Phenology Network and is used by scientists, land managers and individuals to inform decision-making and build long-term data sets capable of answering pressing ecological questions. Learn more about phenology...



We are a network of organizations that amplify the ecological power of our communities by providing training and data collection sites for the individuals, students, and teachers who visit and work with us. 



Phenology, the study of life cycle events for plants and animals, is a field of study relevant to all ages. It is the art of learning how to notice and is invaluable to our understanding of biological impacts of climate change.


A phenology trail, or phenology site can be built just about anywhere. Pristine hiking trails in nature reserves, abandoned city parking lots, school yards, community gardens, and backyards are all great places to build a site! 

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